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Week 1

Date Time Spent Task Description
01-Sep 2 1st Class Brainstorm Project Ideas
02-Sep 2 Wiki & Research Explored how Wiki works and looked up what Amazon Prime air is
04-Sep 2 Group Meeting Discussed our topic and research tasks & presentation were divided
05-Sep 1 Wiki Explore Found wiki text and code help pages to write wiki better
06-Sep 1 Wiki Work Made a main page and a problem page for our Amazon Air analysis
06-Sep 1 Research Wrote up the objectives & approach for our project & looked up more on Amazon prime air
08-Sep 2 Lecture Listened to group presentations of their projects & approaches
08-Sep 2 Personal Mind Map & Research Took into consideration feedback made about presentation & started looking for better sources

Total hours:13 hours

Week 2

Date Time Spent Task Description
09-Sep 2 Research & Conclusions Came to the conclusion that Drone Delivery feasibility would not be an ideal research topic
11-Sep 2 Wiki Work Posted my thoughts online & made a meeting page & agenda for the meeting
11-Sep 4 Group Meeting Discussed our topic/whether or not we needed a new one & divided task
12-Sep 1 Posted Notulen Posted notes from the last meeting online
12-Sep 4 Research Regulations Planned questions I wanted to search & sought for drone regulations & mailbox requirements
13-Sep 2 Make Presentation After receiving planning from Luc & made a rough presentation for Monday
14-Sep 4 Research Regulations Sought through FFA regulations, read Amazon petition & USPS regulations then made summary of all that I thought was relevant to the project that could help us design
15-Sep 1 Edit Presentation Made minor tweaks to the presentation & uploaded it to the wiki
15-Sep 2 Lecture I presented our presentation and noted feedback received

Total hours: 22 hours

Week 3

Date Time Spent Task Description
16-Sep 0.5 Posted feedback Posted planning feedback from Monday
17-Sep 2 Functional Requirements Looked up what functional requirements were & then wrote some that would be suitable for the mailbox
18-Sep 1.5 Wiki Work Added a log book page & updated my personal log, also uploaded agenda for meeting later today.
18-Sep 4 Group Meeting Brainstormed various components & full ideas of mailboxes; also made an action plan for Monday
18-Sep 1 Notulen & Wiki Work Posted the notes from meeting & added wiki pages to Brainstorm & Design Methodology for group members
19-Sep 2 Personal Mailboxes Added analysis of Operational Environment, basic concepts & researched means to analyze design concepts
20-Sep 2 Personal Mailboxes Elaborated on Concept 1 - The Perch including scenario of how it works & detailed sketch of mailbox & components
20-Sep 1 Personal Mailboxes Elaborated on Concepts 2 - 4 - Scenario & Components - Still needs sketches
20-Sep 1 Personal Mailboxes Elaborated on Concepts 5&6 - Scenario & Components - Still needs sketches
20-Sep 0.5 Wiki Work Uploaded the agenda for Monday's group meeting and placed the weekly update for Week 3.
20-Sep 1 Wiki Work Created a requirements assessment chart for the concept designs of Personal Mailboxes. - Fill in Tomorrow
21-Sep 1 Sketching & Uploading Drew all basic concept sketches of mailbox & uploaded them to wiki
21-Sep 1 Requirements Chart Filled out the Requirements chart comparing the 8 personal mailbox concepts.
21-Sept 0.5 Considerations Because I ran out of time to do mini-SWOT analyses for each concept, I added a brief list of +/- comments for each concept.
22-Sept 2 Group Meeting Discussed plan of action for the upcoming weeks. Task division. And picked out our 3 main concepts to get fully on paper and possibly 1 tested.
22-Sept 1 Mentor Meeting Mentor looked at how far we have come in the wiki and discussed our further plan of action; we also received a deadline for next week which is: all new wiki pages print.

Total hours: 22 hours

Week 4

Date Time Spent Task Description
24-Sep 0.5 Brainstorm Thought of questions/considerations that would need answering when designing the sliding door mechanism.
24-Sep 3 Planning Update Filled in the Rest of the Planning from Week 4 onward, took longer than expected because of annoying wiki code
25-Sep 0.5 Wiki Work Added a Designing the Sliding Door Component Page and made a planning for finishing the component
25-Sep 0.5 Scan Research Looked up various kinds of barcode scanners & barcodes for the sliding door component
25-Sep 2 Concepts Chosen Wrote about how we chose the concepts we are elaborating on for our project
25-Sept 0.5 Google Sketchup Installed Google SketchUp and watched 4 tutorials on how to use - will attempt to draw component with this software
26 Sep 2 Group Meeting Discussed about how the the chimney could have just been a lift mechanism & that we need to look more at what is in existence already to use
27-Sept 2 Problem Identification/Brainstorm Drew sketches of the scenario and possible ideas for different aspects of the Opening.
27-Sept 1 Idea Expansion Elaborated on some ideas for the Opening
28-Sept 1 Notulen for 22-Sept-14 & 26-Sept-14 Wrote up Notulen for the last two group meetings
29 Sept 1 Mentor Meeting Discussed the Deadlines for the upcoming week and how we should use the "building blocks" and make clear connections
29-Sept 0.5 Requirements Set requirements the opening must fulfill to work properly
29-Sept 0.5 Idea Elaboration Finished explanations of all the brainstormed ideas for the opening.

Total hours:15 hours

Week 5

Date Time Spent Task Description
30-Sept 5 Research Questions Sought for answers to my research questions to help clear up the technical aspects of the Opening
30 Sept 1 How it Works Made a selection in what mechanisms and sub-components will be used in the concept & outlined how the opening system will work
1 Oct 2 Drone to Platform Fully writing out how the Drone find the drop zone
2 Oct 3 How it works Elaboration on how the opening fully functions
4 Oct 2 RFID Research Looked for some specifics on RFIDs and how they work to finish the opening function
5 Oct 2 Function Diagram Created function diagram
6 Oct 1 Mentor Meeting Discussed various items that still have to be finished for next week. Task: Create a powerpoint on exactly how it works.
6 Oct 1 Group Meeting Split up the tasks for this coming week. Discussed possible survey questions. And established that we have a peer review session next week.

Total hours: 17 hours

Week 6

Date Time Spent Task Description
6 Oct 0.5 Wiki Work Added new wiki pages for further work on the wiki
6 Oct 0.5 Peer Review Found peer review requirements, emailed the peer review criteria to fellow group mates & made the Peer Review page
6 Oct 1 Detailed Sketches of Opening Drew sketches of the dropzone and garage door component with labels of necessary mechanisms
6-Oct 0.5 Notulen of 6 Oct & Agenda for 9 Oct Posted Notulen of the group meeting of this morning and the agenda for the upcoming meeting
7-Oct 0.5 Peer Review Filled out my personal peer review and wrote down points for each person
9 Oct 2 Group Meeting Had peer review, discussed the survey questions & made the "how it works" powerpoint
9 Oct 0.5 Notulen 9 Oct Posted Notulen from the meeting
9 Oct 0.5 Software Requirements Made a short list about possible tasks that the software needs to be able to do
11 Oct 1 Multiple Drones Addressed how multiple drones communicate with one another or the dropzone when making delivery at the same dropzone
11 Oct 0.5 Requirements Check Placed our Requirements list under the Whole System & evaluated our current concept on basis of our requirements
11 Oct 1 Software Wrote about what the software needs to be capable of, what it needs to retain/do & looked for different types of existing software systems
12 Oct 2.5 Software Finish Continued research of software systems that address the software description above & finished up how these current systems can be tweaked to accommodate drone delivery
13 Oct 1 Group Meeting Discussed who was finishing up what for this project and how the meeting of Friday should be set up.
13 Oct 1 Mentor Meeting Discussed the How it Works PowerPoint and how next weeks presentation should work. Also some "puntjes op de i" such as a cost analysis should still be addressed for example.

Total hours: 13 hours

Week 7

Date Time Spent Task Description
16-Oct 1.5 Readablility Worked on making the wiki readable by adding blurbs at the tops of pages and read through links at the bottom. Still needs to be finished though. Stopped at Chimney.
17-Oct 2 Group Meeting Discussed the final presentation, peer review, what needed finalization, and the evaluation of our project
17-Oct 1 Notulen 13-Oct & Agenda & Notulen & Peer Review Posted the Notulen from the meeting of Monday and typed up agenda and notulen for Friday's Meeting and Peer review Page
19-Oct 2 Further Considerations Wrote about possible information that has to be considered for the future development of this concept (Things we haven't fully considered while designing)
19-Oct 2 Cost Analysis Wrote mini-cost analysis about the current state of this concept and also comparison to prices of current locker systems and software packages.
19-Oct 1 Wiki Fixes Read through the entire wiki and adjusted English and organizational things and added fluidity to the analysis of the survey.
19-Oct 2 Readablility Finished making the wiki "readable." which includes editing references and adding blurbs of explanation to tops of pages
20 Oct 0.5 Group Meeting Quick run through of the final presentation and discussed the final logistics
20 Oct 3 Final Presentations Presented and listened to final presentations of each of the groups

Total hours: 15 hours

Summation of total hours worked: 117 hours