Amazon Helicopter Delivery System Analysis

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This was our original idea upon starting the project.

We thought we would find information about the logistic feasibility of the Amazon Delivery System, however we had come to the conclusion that most of the documents remained internal to companies and it would be tough for find any information. Eventually we decided to look into the future and help the drone delivery system. As you will see on our new problem definition page seen next.

Week 1 Old Idea:Amazon Helicopter Delivery System


  • Understand drone navigation/communication – how it translates to commercial use
  • Compare/Contrast current Package Delivery vs Amazon Prime Air
  • Consider possible future scenarios
  • Evaluate safety & think of possible solutions
  • Look at several USE aspects


  • Research – get statistics about deliveries & info about drones etc. through contacting companies and reading articles on the internet and in the library
  • Make simulations of the scenarios – use statistics found online or provided by companies to describe the scenarios
  • Make contact with several companies about their thoughts & statistics
  • Send out surveys to the community/people to see their thoughts about drones & delivery possibly compare with other research

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