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  1. Opening
  2. The Components
  3. Task Division
  4. Closing


  1. Opening - Fre was sick and not present for the meeting
  2. The Components - Luc has already built a mini-chimney from K'nex and said the flap system could be a viable option. Karen then said, why are we being so difficult, elevators exist for this kind of stuff. So from now on, the concept of the chimney will evolve around a chimney. The chimney and sliding doors should now work together to make a functioning transport somehow. The coming weeks collaboration will take place. Same for the package to cubby and cubby to person components.
  3. Task Division - There has been a little redivision of tasks, Each person is now responsible for a component of the system for the next week/week 1/2: Luc will handle the Chimney and Fre will be placed to work on the Cubby to Person. The Test Plan/Build Plan do not have to be made.
  4. Closing - All the technology already exists to design this system, we should be looking for systems similar like luggage sorting systems for airports or distribution center logisitics and scale down somehow.