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2017agolsoverview.png Here you can see the overview of the "Calculus based on Adams & Essex" course. On the left bottom, a card can be seen which shows the current level of the student. In the center, the different parts of the course are visible. Here the user can get into the adaptive quiz.

2017agolsnormalquiz.png This page shows a normal quiz. Levels are generally from low to high, the amount of questions should be tailored to an average, a worst case scenario, or something in between. Next to that, the math plugin can be seen. This plugin allows users to input math, after which the system will check if it is equal to the answer.

2017agolsfeedback.png Here you can see the feedback mechanism of the course. Users should always be provided feedback as quickly and as completely as possible.

2017agolslevelup.png After the user has gathered enough exp, he/she levels up. This reward is meant for him/her to continue working on the course regularly.

2017agolsadaptive.png Here the adaptive quiz module is shown. The user can submit an answer, and will get served another question, adapted to his level.