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Thank you for taking part in our study. During this study, you will interact with the FAST platform robot. The test simulates order picking in a warehouse. This page provides the rules of the test, Please read them carefully. There will be no practice trail.



1. The goal of the test is to take the packages from the robot and place them in the correct box on the table.

2. After every trial you have to complete a short questionnaire

3. The robot will drive to the marked location on the floor.

4. When the robot stops you can take the packages and place them in the box.

5. The trail is over when you say “Done”.


o You have to place the packages in the correct box.

Turn procedure:

1. The robot will drive to its marked place.

2. When it stops, you can step from behind the line.

3. Then, you have to place the packages in the correct box.

4. You will return behind the line.

5. This will be repeated three times per scenario.

6. After completion you fill in the questionnaire.

7. After the questionnaire you go to the next trial

After reading the rules, you have some time to check out the room.

During the trials you may not ask what is expected from you.