Chin Chang Ho, Karl F. MacDorman (2016), Measuring the Uncanny Valley Effect

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A summary of “Measuring the Uncanny Valley Effect” by Chin-Chang Ho and Karl F. MacDorman

A four-stage exploratory sequential design was applied to study and improve eeriness, attractiveness and humanness indices:

  1. A card sorting task to study how each participant responds to the videos. Participants had to place each video in a self-labeled collection, and after being asked if he would group any videos together.
  2. An interview with the participants to collect new candidate adjectives. For each characteristic, the participant was asked why it was important to him/her.
  3. A bipolar adjective evaluation, verifying the offered adjectives with the results of (1). Participants rated each adjective with a scale of 1 to 3.
  4. A representative web survey to validate the results.

Measurement final results are quite successfully graphed in the diagram below