Week 4: Coaching Questions

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What is the most interesting thing you learned in the coaching meeting of the previous week and why?
We learned that it is indeed very helpful to have a clear project planning. This way its clear for everyone in which stage of the project we are and what is expected to be done in the upcoming weeks.
Also the coaches gave us the feedback that we needed to describe our robot more specific. This means to describe its specific features, attributes, and functions.

How did you incorporate coaches' feedback of the previous meeting in your project?
The criticism we got about the clear the description of our robot was dealt with by describing the robot, that we will model, specifically.

What new activities did you undertake during this week? What did you learn from these activities?
As mentioned above we described all relevant attributes of the window cleaning robot. We also started modeling the motion planning of the robot in NetLogo. The setup of the window was already model, the thing added this week is the actual robot and its movement across the window surface. On top of this, the robot is also already able to clean the window and recheck the window for dirtiness left after its initial passing.
We also looked at the robots way of navigating the window. The robot needs to turn in specific ways in order to reach every part of the windows surface. So these specific turning paths were determined and with it the corresponding turning times in order to probably model it in the abstracted Netlogo model.

What did you do to prepare for next week's meeting?
first of all, we all completed our given tasks for this week on time. This ensures us that we can still continue the project according to the planning.