Week 1: Coaching Questions

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Coaching Questions Week 1

What are you expecting to learn during the Robots course?
To learn how to tackle a robotics related development project with a small team under the supervision of some superiors. Thus how to plan such a project, how to divide tasks, how investigate the state-of-the-art, how to set achievable goals that meet expectations and how to achieve these goals.

What kind of coaching do you expect?
We expect that we get some advice and directions on how to approach certain tasks, whether the planning is right, whether deliverables would meet expectations and some help when group members do not commit to the task at hand.

What kind of coaching would you prefer?
We would prefer a critical and helpful coach that critically reviews the work done and provides help when group members have (not necessarily subject related) questions. It is also preferable that a coach warns the group when important things are overlooked or forgotten. At last, a good coach intervenes when there are group members who are negligent regarding the work they should do.

What will the coaches expect of you?
The coaches expect from us a groupwise learning project in the context of robotics which also involves USE aspects. They also expect from us to prepare for meetings and take responsibility and ownership during the project.