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List of articles:

%% Thibeau

1)Science, technology and the future of small autonomous drones

Floreano, D.a Wood, R.J.b

aLaboratory of Intelligent Systems, Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne, Station 11, Lausanne, Switzerland bMicrorobotics Lab, Harvard University, 149 Maxwell Dworkin Building, Cambridge, MA, United States

Relevance: The scientific and technological advances that are expected to result into autonomous drones for civilian application are identified. Link: [1]

2)Low-Altitude Unmanned Aerial Vehicles-Based Internet of Things Services: Comprehensive Survey and Future Perspectives

Hossein Motlagh, N.ab, Taleb, T.c, Arouk,

aDepartment of Communications and Engineering, School of Electrical Engineering, Aalto University, Espoo, Finland bDepartment of Computer and Information Security, Sejong University, Seoul, South Korea cSchool of Electrical Engineering, Aalto University, Espoo, Finland

Relevance: Includes a comprehensive survey on the UAVs and the related issues. Also a UAV-based architecture for the delivery of services from the sky is introduced with its relevant key challenges and requirements. Link: [2]

3)The flying sidekick traveling salesman problem: Optimization of drone-assisted parcel delivery

Murray, C.C. Chu, A.G.

Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering, Auburn University, 3301 Shelby Center, Auburn, AL, United States

Relevance: A linear programming formulation for two delivery-by-drone problems is presented along with two solution approaches to solve problems of practical size. 'Last-mile delivery' concept: faster receipt of customer orders at lower cost to the distributor with reduced environmental impacts. A numerical analysis demonstrates the effectiveness of the heuristics and investigates the tradeoffs between using drones with faster flight speeds versus longer endurance Link: [3]

4)Airshield: A system-of-systems muav remote sensing architecture for disaster response

Daniel, K., Dusza, B., Lewandowski, A., Wietfeld, C.

Communication Networks Institute (CNI), Dortmund University of Technology, 44227 Dortmund, Germany

Relevance: the complex communication system, which on the one hand has to organize the on-board-communication between the control systems of the MUAV and the sensors and on the other hand has to establish wireless connections to the mission control center on the ground as well as to neighboring MUAVs in the air via a mesh network Link:[4]

5) A security framework for a drone delivery service

Seo, S.-H.aEmail Author, Won, J.bEmail Author, Bertino, E.bEmail Author, Kang, Y.cEmail Author, Choi, D.c

aDepartment of Mathematics, Korea University, Sejong Campus, South Korea bComputer Science Department, Purdue University, United States cInformation Security Research Division, ETRI, South Korea

Relevance: The paper proposes a security framework to protect critical data in delivery drones. Link: [5]

%%%Nol Schaars

1)Drone Control: Flying the Crowded Skies

Magazine Article TBMG-23938

Published on 2016-02-01 in NASA Tech Briefs , Volume 40 , Issue 02

Relevance: It goes over the involvement of NASA and other organizations addressing solutions and technologies for Unmanned aircraft Traffic management. Link:[6]

2) How Amazon's Drones Might React If You Try To Shoot Them Down

Written by Eric Limer via USPTO via Motherboard

Published on Dec 22, 2016

Relevance: Even though this is not a scientific article, this article show scenario's where parcel delivery drones are shot out of the sky and how Amazon plans to prevent theft. link:[7]

3)Drones in Logistics: A Feasible Future or a waste of effort.

Author: Andrew Lotz

Bowling Green State University,(2015), Honors Projects. 204

Relevance: This paper evaluates four area's: legal, finance, light limitations, and the most important one fulfillment of customer satisfaction. When talking about fulfillment of customer satisfaction, Andrew Lotz mainly talks about the effect of drones that have camera's on the privacy of customers Link:[8]

4) Is Hong Kong Ready for D-Day?: An Examination of the Up-and-Coming Commercial Drone Industry from a Legal Perspective

Ng Wai Hei, Fong Yan Nok, Mok Ka Wing, and Lee Yip Hang

Volume 1(3),2015 Journal of Law, Technology and Public Policy,

Relevance: This paper treats the liability of seller who entrust drone carriers in regards to theft, weather and other obstacles. The chapters 6 and 7 treats these problems. It addresses an interesting point that the general rule is that if the seller is authorized or required to send the goods to the buyer, delivery of the goods to a carrier, whether named by the buyer or not, for the purpose of delivering the goods to the buyer is prima facie deemed to be a delivery of the goods to the buyer. Link: [9]

5) Metropolis: Relating Airspace Structure and Capacity for Extreme Traffic Densities

Emmanuel Sunil, Jacco Hoekstra, Joost Ellerbroek, Frank Bussink, Dennis Nieuwenhuisen, et al.. Metropolis: Relating Airspace Structure and Capacity for Extreme Traffic Densities. ATM seminar 2015, 11th USA/EUROPE Air Traffic Management R&D Seminar, Jun 2015, Lisboa, Portugal. <hal- 01168662>

Relevance: Checks the feasibility of parcel delivery drones in a crowded city by a quantitative analysis


%% Marc

1) The vehicle routing problem with drones: Extended models and connections Stefan Poikonen, Xingyin Wang, Bruce Golden

Relevance: The paper analyses the VRPD and compares the results with different posibilities. Compared to our subjectives it fits in most with airspace limitations.



Relevance: It directly oposes the possibilities with drone delivery. From smaller drones to full commercial drones including their infrastructure. Compared to our subjectives it fits in most with responsibilities.


3) Drone (legally) delivers packages, but the technology still needs work Starr, Graham. The Christian Science Monitor; Boston, Mass.

Relevance: It states some clear and critically important statements about drone delivery and the possibilities and restrictions. Using these critical views we might interpretate the concept of drone delivery better.


4) Blue Sky Birds Come to the World Bura, Sabiha Kelek. Journal of International Trade, Logistics and Law;

Relevance: This article has three important impacts that are determined by technoligical capabilities, regularity pressure and public acceptance so that it will be dealed within current powers and circumstances. It gives a clear vision of the overal picture and then focusses on delivery aspects.


5) Air traffic control for delivery drones David Schneider, Top Tech 2017

Relevance:' This paper directly opposes the current possibilities for delivery drones and compares the different multinationals that are trying to use them. Very helpfull for understand the idea of delivery drones.


%% David

1) The development of an autonomous navigation system with optimal control of an UAV in partly unknown indoor environment

Mac, T.T., Copot, C., Keyser, R.D., Ionescy, C.M.

Relevance: This paper treats the navigation of autonomous systems in a partially known environment, which is helpful since transport environments are usually known, but other dynamic factor are present.

Link: [11]

2) Medical delivery drones take flight in east Africa Ackerman, E., Strickland, E.

Relevance: This short survey reports an already existing and successful parcel delivery system using drones, showing that the idea of drones delivering parcels is feasible.

Link: [12]

3) Security and Privacy for the Internet of Drones: Challenges and Solutions

Lin, C.a, He, D.a, Kumar, N.b, Choo, K.-K.R.c, Vinel, A.d, Huang, X.

Relevance: This article treats the security and privacy requirements drones will have to meet, and possible solutions to these challenging issues.

Link: [13]

4) Deconflicting the urban drone airspace

Peinecke, N., Kuenz, A.

Relevance: This paper treats some of the problems encountered when multiple parcel services use drones, the paper mentions a simulation of drone deliveries in an urban environment. The main problem focused on by this paper is the problem of having thousands of drones in the same airspace, without them crashing into each other.

Link: [14]

5) Optimization of a modular drone delivery system

Lee, J.

Relevance: This paper concerns the adoption of modularity in a drone parcel delivery system, and what advantages this may have on this type of system. Also the optimization of these systems is discussed, as well as the comparison between modular and non-modular drone operation.

Link: [15]

%% Pam

1) Security, Privacy, and Safety Aspects of Civilian Drones: A Survey

Riham Altawy, Amr M. Youssef

Relevance This article surveys the main security, privacy, and safety aspects associated with the use of civilian drones in the national airspace. Including the weather conditions.


2) Ethical Issues with use of Drone Aircraft

Relevance This analysis is aimed at identifying the ethical issues related to a variety of types of Drone aircraft.


3) Method and system for drone deliveries to vehicles in route

Relevance To facilitate commercial viability, drone routing systems may be configured to safely and efficiently route drones.


4) A cost-benefit analysis of Amazon Prime Air

Relevance This paper analyzes the costs and benefits of the newly proposed Amazon Prime Air delivery system that uses drone technology to deliver packages to customers’ doorsteps.


5) Drones: Designed for Product Delivery

Dane Bamburry

Relevance The plans of Amazon, Google, UPS, and Domino's Pizza for delivery drones.