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Supervisor Implementation

Skill Matcher

Image Processing

Kalman Filtering

Particle Filtering

Communication Protocol Implementation

The Kinect and the omni-vision camera on the TechUnited Turle allow the robot to take images of the on-going game. With image processing algorithms useful information form the game can be extracted and a mapping of the game-state, i.e.

1.the location of the Turtle,

2.the location of the ball,

3.the location of opponent players

and other entities present on the field can be computed. This location is with respect to the global coordinate system fixed at the center of the pitch. At TechUnited, this mapping is stored (in the memory) and maintained (updated regularly) in a real-time data-base (RTDb) which is called the WorldMap. The details on this can be obtained from the software page of TechUnited. In a Robocup match, the participating robots, maintain this data-base locally. Therefore, the Turtle which is used for the referee system,

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