Post-Production Analysis Approach for drone delivery fleet

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Post-Production Analysis Approach for drone delivery fleet

Asma, Troudi; Addouche, Sid-Ali; Dellagiy, Sofiene; El Mhamedi, Abderrahman; "Post-Production Analysis Approach for drone delivery fleet", IEEE Explore digital library, (December 01, 2017)


Nowadays, a lot of companies are investing in drone delivery services, such as DHL with PaketKopter, Amazon with Amazon PrimeAir , Google with Project Wing and recently GeoPoste with Geodrone. In order to get drone delivery working good, there needs to be a very good management and Logistics Support in order to be reliable, cheap and fast enough. The subject of this article is the Logistics Support part of this. Logistics support should consists of two parts according to this article:

Prerequisite SL recommended by the manufacturer through an operating manual. (This is not enough, so this paper proposes the following:) Post-Production logistics support system which depends on the exploitation requirements The article also states that ‘’the identification of the fleet status, the health status or also maintenance facilities, helps to support the system during the exploitation phase’’. Also, maintenance is important in order to get an as high as possible availability. Logistics Support Analysis is used to increase efficiency of maintenance and reduces the cost of providing support by preplanning all aspects of Logistics Support. In this analysis, the article also suggests a new part, in order to also be able to take future changes into account (For example, when a drone fleet is equipped with a new battery, there will be a lot of implications for the entire infrastructure). This new part is called an Activity Analysis. In this Activity Analysis, all implications of a possible future change are evaluated and prepared for. Lastly, a model is made to optimize the total travelling distance of the UAV’s.