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Week 2A

February 10

Smart house domain · Smart coach -> dietary assistant -> healthy lifestyle coach · Medicine coach/APP already present in wiki Objective Find the niche. Focus of the technology. The technology must be able to make decisions. Requirement for the project: system must make autonomous decisions. Users Broad speculum of people: People with different type of illnesses Find the user requirements (find the problem) Approach & deliverables Final remarks Final presentation: 20minutes long (10min presenting, 5min demonstrating, 5min Q&A) Deliverables Answer the BIG question (What do you want to show after these 8 weeks) Feasibility Work division: Interviews: 2 or 3 interviews with people Research Literature, State of the art

Week 2B

February 13, Nick absent

Kasper: Diabetes centre meeting planned for Monday 17.02 afternoon. The talk will be about type 1 diabetes with a communication advisor of this company.

Milan: How much should we focus on the product, and how much on the documentation/research?

Explanation of wiki: Planning is specific tasks for everyone each week, Milestones is more broad overview

Research about diabetes from Davide: see document/section on wiki


Milan: write problem statement and objectives on the wiki

Kasper: write about the users on the wiki

Nick:requirements, functionalities, ideas what the app does

Questions for the tutor:

How much focus should we put into the application development? What else is there to do besides researching the requirements of the application in the first couple weeks? Is it acceptable if our idea and product are not very innovative (there are already multiple application available that seem to have all the functionalities implemented)

Week 3A

February 17, Nick absent

Some loose notes taken during the meeting with the tutor:

- we should have a clear picture of the current state of the art

- take a look at 'future improvements' sections in papers, it might spark some inspiration

- there is another group on the wiki that has done a similar project already, 2016 Q3 group 8

- we need to find a niche

Week 3B

No minutes?

Week 4A

short summary what the tutor said and why we need the meeting:

The current situation is really bad. It is already week 4 and we don't have a concrete problem statement and plan. The research that has been done so far is not nearly enough. We were given a kind of ultimatum: for next week everyone has to do 20 hours of work for the project. Anyone who is not interested in putting the effort into this course should be honest with the group and simply leave the course - so that the rest of the group does not suffer.

Tomorrow we want to plan the tasks for everyone that is still interested in doing this project. Assuming everyone does his part we will have a clear picture of the current state of the art, market and available apps (their functionalities), user needs. This has to be nicely written down on the wiki. Then we should also meet on Monday before 10:20 so that we are all on the same page and can present our findings to the tutor. Our aim is to find something in the current applications that can be improved or is not implemented at all. A concrete thing, well documented with arguments that it will be useful to have and will help our target group. When we agree on what to improve we can proceed with researching that concrete thing and maybe making a prototype for it.

I had these tasks in my mind for this week:

- apps currently available (extensive look at the most popular apps on the market, what are their functionalities, what are the differences?)

- state of the market, comparison with the situation from 2016 (other group's project), usage of diabetes apps by people with diabetes /Kamil

- well written and extenscive summary about the disease itself, stating what are the problems that people are faced with in their everyday life (more social aspect, not just dry numbers) / Davide

- Some more input from the users? (like the interview). Try to answer the question what do people want from applications, what do they want to change

These are just my ideas, try to think before the meeting about anything else that we can do. On Monday we need to have a clear picture about what to do for the upcoming weeks.

Please do carefully read through the entire project of 2016 Q3 group 8, since they did pretty much the exact same thing that we are trying to do. They have a lot of text motivating their project and reference a lot of sources. We want to have something similar.