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The following two tools are very useful when creating figures for scientific publications. They give you full control on figure size, margins, font, font size, etc, etc.

Tool to set the position and size of figures on your screen. Usefull when you want to position figures side by side every time you run your m-file.

Tools to make nice Bode and Nyquist plots for articles and reports

Mass-spring-damper models (arbitrary number of masses)

ShapeIt - Loopshaping Controller Design Tool


Discrete time controller blocks, on the Matlab command prompt use make.m to mex the c-files first. Command "dctools" will open a template model with the controller filters. Drag and drop them from the template model to your own model. The discrete-time implementation of the blocks has been based on "Tustin-with-prewarping". The prewarping frequency has been chosen with respect to the respective block function, e.g. for a pure notch filter the prewarping frequency is equal to the notch frequency.

Good old single axis 3rd order reference generator of René van de Molengraft.