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The Firefly Eindhoven wiki functions as both a platform for knowledge sharing within the team and simultaneously build up the final report of the team. This page contains information on how to use and maintain the wiki.

Logging in

In order to edit the wiki, you will need to log in with your TU-account. The username is your s-number and the password is your TU-password.

Adding a new page

To open a new page, enter "Firefly Eindhoven - " in the search bar followed by the name of the new page. For instance, if you would like to add a page called Drone Stabilization, then you should search for "Firefly Eindhoven - Drone Stabilization". The reason for this is that we share this server with many other projects within the Control Systems research group. This nomenclature keeps all the Firefly-related wiki pages together.

If the page you want to add has not been added yet, the search query should return "There is no page called "Firefly Eindhoven - [name of the page]" You can create this page". By clicking on this link, a new page will be created for you.

Now you can start editing the new page in the wikitext editor. Make sure to click on Save page when you're done editing.

Finally, if you create a new page, you should add the name of the page to the [home page] of the Firefly wiki. You can do this by adding a new line in the menu list adding a link to your new page. (Example: * [[Firefly Eindhoven - Vision and mission|Vision and mission]])

Editing a page

It the page you would like to edit already exists, you can do so by clicking on the edit tab at the head of the page. If you haven't logged in already, the wiki will ask you to log in with your TU-account (s-number and standard password). Now you should see the wikitext editor. For a reference on how this markdown language should be used, you can consult this [cheatsheet] by Wikipedia.

Sidenote: PDF conversion

Unfortunately, the wiki does not have a PDF-conversion plugin installed, so downloading a PDF of a wiki page is not natively possible. However, we have found a quick and dirty workaround to still converting the wiki pages assuming your computer has Adobe Acrobat installed.

If you would like to convert the page you are currently looking at to a PDF, do the following:

  1. Click on Printable version in the left sidebar.
  2. Press CTRL+P (Windows, Linux) or ⌘+P (Mac) to print the page.
  3. Set the selected printer to Adobe PDF.
  4. Click on "Print"

If everything worked correctly, a PDF of the wiki page should open after the "printing" process is done.