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How to update & maintain the website [1] is the website of Team Firefly. On this website, people interested in the project can read more about the project, or follow what we do. They can also get in contact with the team on the website through the contact form or by emailing

The website can be maintained with the use of wordpress. To get access to the editor, contact Iris Camps ( or Sara Polak (, who will add you to the administrators list. The website needs frequent, weekly, updates on the updates page and less frequent, quartile updates on the pages.

The website consists of the following pages: About, The Drone, Meet the Team, Partners and Sponsors, Contact. If anything changes in information on these pages, it needs to be changed. This can be done by login in to the wordpress admin page, clicking pages and selecting the page you need to edit. There you can change the text or add media. For more freedom this can be done by writing it in html code.

For the updates, more thought needs to be put into the posts. Posts should be created weekly. Sometimes this is not possible due to the limited progress in the team at given weeks. However it is important to update the website regularly, to keep the motivation in the team. The posts need to be categorized into one of the following categories: - Progress (all technical progress in our team and real updates about out process) - Team (this shows more about the personal part of the team, team events and fun activities) - Photo (add this to every article with a photo, this is not a primary category) - Video (add this to every article with a video, this is not a primary category) - Animation (add this to an article which has an animation involved, this is not a primary category) - Avular (add this to articles with Avular involved)

If there are more updates written than one, they need to be scheduled. This can be done while writing the post in the editor. For posts try to plan them at 8:00 or 20:00 since that is the time, most traffic comes to websites like the blog. Besides posting the update on the website, it also needs to be placed on Facebook and LinkedIn, to guarantee it will reach as many people as possible. Do keep in mind that LinkedIn is a more professional platform, while Facebook is more informal. This can influence your decision in not always posting every update to each platform.

If a post contains a video, it first needs to be uploaded to the Firefly YouTube account. This is for two reasons, it will give us access to one more platform as well as decrease the storage space on the website to keep it running as smoothly as possible. For access to the platforms, look at the credentials appendix.

Credentials website

To get access to the credentials of the website and the email-address, please contact Iris Camps ( or Sara Polak (

Social media platforms

Username: @fireflyeindhoven
For the password, please contact Iris Camps ( or Sara Polak (

If you already have your own instagram account, you can add the Firefly account in your app to manage it easily. Go to your profile page, click on the top left and go to “Add account”. Now you can switch between your own account and the Firefly account really quickly.

For other people to become an admin of the Firefly Facebook page, they have to contact current admins. These are Sara Polak and Iris Camps. Either of them have to follow these steps:
Go to the Fireflyeindhoven facebook page → go to settings → select page roles → add the person whom needs access and select the fitting role.

For other people to get access to the LinkedIn account, they again need to contact current admins. These are Sara Polak, Iris Camps and Vansh Kharbanda. Either of them have the follow these steps:
Go to the page → go to tools for administrators → click on page administrators → here you can add in new administrator or any other role. Keep in mind that they need to be connected to you via LinkedIn.

Firefly Eindhoven
For other people to get access to the YouTube account, they need to contact current admins. In the case of YouTube, this is Iris Camps. The admin(s) have to follow the following steps:
Go to settings → Administrators → add administrators → here you can add new users