Embedded Motion Control 2013 Group 1/Meeting 20130911

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Meeting 2013-09-11 (12:30 - 13:00)

  • Generic Software architecture accepted.
  • Wiki contents should be decisions and the arguments for those decisions.
  • Highest priority is the Laserscan Stack consisting of the following nodes:
    • Read Laserdata and convert to line segements, in the Robot Frame;
  • Transform the line segment to state description.
  • Monday 16th of September the group will come together for Hackaton_1 between the 3rd and the 8th hour of the TU/e lecture scedule.
  • Answers to questions:
    • The Corridor challenge consists of a robot placed between two wall until an exit presents itself to one of the sides.
    • Important is to show the robot can navigate without colliding with the walls and that the robot is able to make corners.
    • The arrows in the final challenge are standardized. Images are(/will be) available on the wiki. The arrows appear in two forms, pointing left or right.
    • No low level control loops are needed. The robot is controlled using cmd_vel containing x,y, theta velocity vectors.

Todo's before next meeting on Wednesday 2013-09-18

What Who When
Reserve location for Hackaton_1 Wouter + Paul 2013-09-12
Finish installation of Ubuntu, ROS, Gazebo and run the example. Everyone 2013-09-16
Send the terminator config file to everyone Paul 2013-09-12