Week 6: Coaching Questions

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What is the most interesting thing you learned in the coaching meeting of the previous week and why?
The most interesting thing we learned was that we should not forget to incorporate the USE aspects explicitly, since this is a USE course. Besides that, we learned that we have to look very critical to the way we are going to compare the developed algorithms with the reference algorithm and especially the assumptions made.

How did you incorporate coaches' feedback of the previous meeting in your project?
We stated clearly in the report how the desired algorithms worked and where the main gains of the algorithms lie. Now it should be clear for everyone.

What new activities did you undertake during this week? What did you learn from these activities?
We continued with modeling the first algorithm and started also with another algorithm. Besides that, we checked all the assumptions in the report and added the ones that were not in it. We also wrote parts about how we are going to compare the algorithms. The SotA was also slightly rewritten. Furthermore the planning was updated and the final presentation was made. We especially learned this week to look very critical to our assumptions and plans.

What did you do to prepare for next week's meeting?
We all did our tasks of course, and we prepared to explain how we are going to compare the algorithms.