Week 5: Coaching Questions

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What is the most interesting thing you learned in the coaching meeting of the previous week and why?
The board of teachers told us it was not yet fully clear wherein the possible time savings of our algorithm lies. They also pointed out a few contradicting points in our current version of the report which should be looked at. It should be clear to everyone what the features of the robot are and in what way our algorithm is going to take on the cleaning of windows.

How did you incorporate coaches' feedback of the previous meeting in your project?
We discussed the contradicting claims we previously made, to make sure the features of the robot and algorithm were clear for all
On top of that we also discussed where exactly we were going to get time savings with our algorithm.

What new activities did you undertake during this week? What did you learn from these activities?
We re-wrote the contradicting report parts so they would align with what we had discussed before. We also further programmed the NetLogo programme to create a more realistic behavior of the dirt. The random distribution is now replaced by clustering of dirt, which makes for a more realistic model.
On top of that, we discussed the time savings of our model and in which movements and decisions this would be the most effective.

What did you do to prepare for next week's meeting?
first of all, we again all completed our given tasks for this week so the planning could continue. We also prepared to explain the parts that were unclear to the teachers in the previous meeting, to hopefully make our plan and algorithm more understandable.