Week 2: Coaching Questions

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What is the most interesting thing you learned in the coaching meeting of the previous week and why?
Our research subject turned out to be not specific enough and there was still some confusion about what we were trying to accomplish with this project.

How did you incorporate coaches' feedback of the previous meeting in your project?
In the previous meeting, we got the clear criticism that our project goal was way to vague to effectively do a research. It was not yet clear what we were going to do in this project and for what user and environment we were going to apply our research. This week we discussed possible specific research goals and niches. We now decided on a specific research goal which was measurable and realistic for us to do. Everybody is now on one line regarding the heading of this project.

What new activities did you undertake during this week? What did you learn from these activities?
As mentioned above we decide on a specific goal for our project which we tough was realistic in our time frame and measurable. With this clear, the final product of our project was decided to be a model simulation to optimize the algorithm of the window wash robots in our scenario. Furthermore, we needed a more specific project planning. So the tasks on the planning were made less general and we now have a planning to guide us through the project.

What did you do to prepare for next week's meeting?
We emailed the coaches about our research goal to see if it was suitable for the project. We also made sure everybody understood the goal of our project and could explain this clearly to the coaches.