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William Schattevoet
David Duwaer
Eric Backx
Arjan de Visser


Main page

Working principle of the violin and predicting it’s behavior

Ways to exite the string

Hardware Design

Software Design (Quantifying the signal we want to see)

Realisation and Proof of concept

Patent Research

Background information: Interview with Hendrick Zick



Welcome to the wiki page of the Viotar project group. On this page we will keep track of our progress during the project. This way everybody can see the progress we’re making on the Viotar and we can organize the information we gathered. Feel free to take a look around.
In order to keep the wiki organized we divided it into several sub pages. By clicking the links in the textbox on the left the other page’s can be viewed. This front page only contains the global information, like the planning and approach of the problem.