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Who's doing what

Week Task Responsible
1 Write introduction Everyone together
Update the wiki Everyone for themselves
Search for sources (10-2)
Summarize sources (19-2)
2 Rewrite subsections made in Week 1 Everyone together
Make a final RPC list out of the personal ones
Combine the concepts in one clear list
Specific literature study (Summerize 2 sources pp) Everyone for themselves
Think of RPC's for the landing platform
Describe or draw concepts
3 Set up a survey Camiel
Rewrite the RPC's Werner
Work out and compare concepts Kobus, Michael and Jasper
4 Finish final Concepts -
Figure out where we are allowed to build -
Determine materials for actual product -
Determine materials for prototype -
Figure out the electronic systems -
Make/take survey -
Update wiki -
Plan(mail/ask) a real drone session -
Order parts(Like arduino or building materials) -
5 Prototype hardware -
Prototype software -
Assembling hardware/software -
Make/take Survey -
Analysis survey -
Update Wiki -
6 Prototype hardware -
Prototype software -
Assembling hardware/software -
Analysis/conclusion survey -
Update Wiki -
7 Finish Presentation -
Finish prototype software -
Finish prototype hardware -
Presenter -
Finish Wiki -