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5-10 Years from Now

Scenario 1

In scenario one drone delivery will be a succes. Drones will be flying over the city to various pick up points near supermarkets.
This system will only work in big city's because people who live in the countryside still want their packages delivered to their doorstep.
In The big city's where there are three supermarkets in 1 kilometer distance drones will fly over in a particular line.
People will receive an email with a code and when they go and do their groceries they will get their packages.
At first it will not be used because people now are not used than they can have their packages within 1 hour and don't need it yet. But people want everything in the future to go faster and faster.

Scenario 2

Drone delivery will not be a success.
the rules and regulations didn't allow drones to fly over the city.
People are to afraid their package is not good protected if it is delivered by the sky.
People are not willing to travel to their supermarket to pick up their package. if they use this system they want the package delivered to their doorstep.


To view survey questions click Media:survey.pdf.
To fill in the questionaire click here

Survey Data

an excel file with the date can be found here File:Survey results.pdf

Analysis and Conclusions

46 people filled in the questionnaire, but in three cases it did not go as planned and the data of these cases is unusable.
In the data of the survey we see that approximately 2/3 of the participants is positive with relation to drones delivering their packages.
With positive we mean people would use the system and had no big remarks (bezwaren) on the system. there were some possitive people who would not use it, but they never ordered packages online so we counted them as positive.

Most people have comments on several point.
The greatest opposition to this delivery system is the safety.
People are worried their package will not be delivered safely. It can be shot out of the air, people could trace these packages easily.
Also are people not fan of drones flying over their properties. especially with recording devices (which delivery drones don't need)
This issue of privacy is for a lot of people very important.

Besides safety and privacy issues people are not willing to walk to their supermarket. now they can get their packages delivered at home.
And if it can be delivered at home why go to your supermarket? the longer wait doesn't matter that much, although there are some people who would love it to get their package so fast.
But in the future they see the drone flying to your own home.

Other thing mentions where also the environment (less trucks), mail delivery guys, efficiency (only one package a time) and responsibilities.

Support for Locker Systems?

This link shows that Amazon lockers opened a new means for delivery. Quite useful for some. Also their customer service survey helps collect data about how far people want to travel and how satisfied they are with the system. <>