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3) Type: \\tueprint2\Robotics01
3) Type: \\tueprint2\Robotics01
or \\tueprint2.campus.tue.nl\Robotics01

4) Log in with your TUe account
4) Log in with your TUe account

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Wiki Page Robotics Lab - Mechanical Engineering - TU/e


Getting started in the robotics lab

  • Announce your presence, also to the PhDs/staff!
  • Pick a free desk. Indicate the desk that you have chosen on this page.
  • Indicate the computer that you are using on this page.
  • Get yourself subscribed on the robotics-lab Googlegroups mailinglist (ask Sjoerd about this)
  • Make yourself familiar with the keys to the lab and testlab, the coffee machine, etc. If you have any questions, ask people and put the additional info on this Wiki!
  • Bring pie ;)
  • Ask Thea for acces to the lab.

Bachelor End Project

The Robotics Research Lab provides support and guidance in the Bachelor End Projects regarding Tech United, for both AMIGO/SERGIO and the Soccer Robots. For information about available Bachelor End Project-assignments, running Bachelor End Projects and past projects (from 2017 onwards) see: Robotics Research Lab BEP


  • Service Robot Wiki (pc installation, tutorials, projects, etc - often severely out-dated!):
  • Robotics Lab Wiki (practical robotics lab issues, coffee, who-is-who, etc)
  • EMC wiki (course wiki Embedded Motion Control)
  • RoPod Wiki (for those involved in the RoPod project)
  • CST Wiki (general CST wiki - links to wiki's above)

Google (email) Groups

  • Robotics lab (practical lab issues, coffee, birthday cake, etc)
   (Owners: Yanick Douven, Jesse Scholtes)
  • RoboCup@Home Team (software, progress, tournaments, organization)
   (Owners: Jesse Scholtes, Matthijs van der Burgh, Tech United Eindhoven)
  • RoboCup Mid Size League Team (software, progress, tournaments, organization)
   (Owners: Tech United Eindhoven)

File Server

   \\wtbfiler\Control Systems Technology\Servicerobotica

Robotics Lab Printer


1) Make sure the printer is turned on and not in error mode!

2) Open a terminal and type


3) Add

4) Network Printer

  • LPD / LPR Host or Printer
  • Host: tueprint2.campus.tue.nl
  • Queue: Robotics01
  • Forward
  • Provide this PPD file
  • Name: Robotics01
  • Description: Robotics01
  • Location: Robotics Lab

Windows 7/8

1) Make sure the printer is turned on and not in error mode!

2) Open Control Panel

3) Go to Devices and Printers

4) Select a Shared Printer by name:

  • Adress: \\tueprint2\Robotics01
  • IP:

5) The process should finish by itself, including driver installation

Windows 10

1) Make sure the printer is turned on and not in error mode!

2) Go to Start > type 'Run'

3) Type: \\tueprint2\Robotics01

or \\tueprint2.campus.tue.nl\Robotics01

4) Log in with your TUe account

5) Install the driver

6) The process should finish by itself