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Install ROPOD robot software

Clone the main repository with the .rosinstall containing the tree structure of the whole software.

   git clone

Switch to feature/tracking branck.

   cd tree-ropod
   git checkout feature/remove_ed_dependency

Open the .rosinstall from the shell just to inspect it.

   gedit .rosinstall

Remove the folder ~/ropod-project-software/catkin_workspace to avoid installation conflicts.

This file is a compilation of other repositories that need to be setup and all together compose the ROPOD software. You can now close it and run the installation script. It will install all the different repositories in your home directory. To install run:


The ./progress_installer command makes some changes to your .bashrc file. In order for these changes to take effect, you need to close your terminal and open a new one (if using Terminator, fully close it and open a new instance).

Take a look at the structure of Ropod-repository. All packages were now placed in the ~/ropod-project-software/catkin_workspace/src folder. This folder contains 3 other folders:

  • functionalities: Here, all non-standard ros-packages are placed, such as ED, but also packages for localization, navigation, etc.
  • platform: Files corresponding to specific platforms located in this folder, while general files for getting the communication with the sensors to work is placed in the robot_common sub-folder
  • applications: In order to configure the robot for specific use-cases, all the relevant files are placed here.

Build software

Try to build the software by executing


In the next part of the tutorial we are going to see how Matlab and ROS can communicate.