RoPod/Tutorials/RGBD-camera: calibration & registration

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Use the description at this page for the RGB-images and the description at this page for the depth-camera calibration.


For the asus-camera of pico, urdf.xacro-files can be obtained from the hector_sensor_description package. This file should be converted in an urdf-file by calling this macro while providing the corresponding parameters. An example can be found at in "ropod-project/catkin_workspace/src/platform/robot_common/urdf/asus_camera.xacro"-folder of our repository. Now, using

rosrun xacro xacro --inorder -o asus_camera_pico.urdf asus_camera.xacro robot:=pico

from this file a new file called asus_camera_pico.urdf is created in accordance with the provide robot-name.