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The ethernet-port of pico is configured automatically at start up. The settings can be found in /etc/network/interfaces. Here, the following lines were added:

auto enp2s0
iface enp2s0 inet static

Alternatively, if the port should be set-up once, then the following commands can be used:

sudo ifconfig enp2s0 netmask

Now, in order to connect to pico, the network-settings of your own pc should be set up properly. Go to your network icon and apply the following actions:

  • edit connections
  • add, ethernet connections, create
  • fill in a connection name, e.g. pico-wired
  • At device, fill in the network-address of your ethernet-port. You can select it in the drop-down menu or you can check it in the command line:
  • Go to IPv4Settings, fill in "" at the address, "24" at netmask and leave Gateway empty.
  • save

If everything is configured properly, plug in a network-cable in pico and your pc, select the network you just created and ssh to the robot:

ssh ropod@

or, using the alias


When ROS is used, an alias is created to load the right connection settings. Always run this command in each terminal when using the wired connection:


In order to read the topics on your own (desktop) pc, instead of "pico-core" you should now run