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Here you can download the good old single axis 3rd order setpoint generator, originally created by René van de Molengraft. The original tool (as .exe), the multi-axis variant, and some additional information can be found at the old website.


Compared to the .exe on the old site, the above .zip file fixes some installation issues so that the tool also works on newer Matlab versions.


  • Unzip the files into a directory, preferably in $matlabroot\toolbox\, which is the Matlab toolbox directory.
  • Open Matlab, go to this directory and run: install_ref3.m.
  • See ref3_example.mdl for an example of how to use Ref3.

Note that you should have a compiler installed on your computer in order to install Ref3. Type mex -setup in Matlab to identify available compilers on your computer. See the FAQ of ShapeIt for more information on compiling.

Known issues and solutions

In some situations the installation might not be as smooth as desired. Below is a list of reported error messages during installation and ways to fix this.

  • Could Not Find C:\Program Files\MATLAB\RXXXXx\toolbox\ref3\ref3.exp
    Could Not Find C:\Program Files\MATLAB\RXXXXx\toolbox\ref3\ref3.lib
    This problem occurs during installation of Ref3 when Matlab is run without administrator rights. Close Matlab, restart it again with administrator rights (by right-clicking the shortcut icon) and repeat the installation process described above.
  • Cannot find an exact (case-sensitive) match for 'ref3'
    The closest match is: Ref3 in D:\MATLAB\RXXXXx\toolbox\ref3\Ref3.mexw32
    Newer Matlab versions are more case-sensitive than older ones. To fix this, rename the file Ref3.c to ref3.c and run the installation file again.