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Week Task Responsible
1 Write introduction Everyone together
Update the wiki Everyone for themselves
Search for sources (10-2)
Summarize sources (19-2)
2 Rewrite subsections made in Week 1 Everyone together
Make a final RPC list out of the personal ones
Combine the concepts in one clear list
Specific literature study (Summerize 2 sources pp) Everyone for themselves
Think of RPC's for the landing platform
Describe or draw concepts
3 Set up a survey Camiel
Rewrite the RPC's Werner
Work out and compare concepts Kobus, Michael and Jasper
4 Finish final Concepts Everyone together
Put the model in NX Kobus and Jasper
USE analysis buyer/customers Camiel
USE analysis companies Werner
USE analysis society/legislation Michael
Determine materials for actual product Michael
Determine materials for prototype Mostly Jasper and kobus, discussed with whole group
Figure out the electronic systems Camiel, Werner and Michael
Update wiki Everyone for themselves
5 Prototype hardware Kobus and Jasper
Put the prototype in Siemens NX and make it ready for laser cutting Jasper and Kobus
Finish USE analysis Werner, Michael and Camiel
Finish materials of actual product Michael
Send mail for materials and machine usage Michael
Order parts(Like arduino or building materials) Kobus, Werner and Camiel
Electronic circuit Michael and Werner
Prototype software Camiel
Update Wiki Everyone for themselves
6 Prototype hardware Kobus and Jasper
Finish electronic circuit Camiel
Finish software Camiel
Assembling hardware/software Everyone together
Update Wiki Everyone for themselves
7 Finish Presentation Everyone together
Finish prototype software
Finish prototype hardware
Presenter(s) Jasper and Michael
Finish Wiki Everyone together