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This manual is meant to provide you a step by step tutorial how to use the Braillearn learning device. This device serves as a first introduction to Braille learning, but offers multiple levels of learning which makes it useful for advanced users as well.

The Braillearn device

In this section, the use of the Braillearn device will be explained further.

Important safety instructions

Before using this device for the first time, please listen to this manual attentive. Keep the Braillearn device at a reachable distance and at a stable surface. Keep the Braillearn device away from water or moisture. The Braillearn device is non-falling and impact resistant Keep the Braillearn device away from dust

The content of the package

This package contain the following components: - A charger (kable) - An electronic box

Physical description

The Braillearn device has the shape of a flat bar. At the top of the device, two round and two arrow shaped rubber buttons can be found. There are also two Braille cells implemented on the top of the device and are made of hard plastic. Furthermore it contains a speaker and a power input at the right side of the device.

First use with Braillearn

Once the package is unwrapped, make sure that the components are placed on a stable surface and near to a power supply. Make sure that the power input is at your right hand side and the buttons at the top side of the device. Then connect the charger to the device and plug the charger into the socket. Charge the device at least for three hours. Once these three hours are passed, check if the device is charged properly by pushing the most left round rubber button on the top of the device. First time users will receive an audio tutorial which supports them to get used to the basic functions of the device as quickly as possible.

Holding the Braillearn

The most ideal way to hold the Braillearn is by putting the device on a flat stable surface, such as a table. However one could also put it one other spots, as long as the device maintains its position. Furthermore it is important that the power input is always at the right hand side of the user and the buttons at the top side. In this way, one could handle the device properly.

The order of the buttons [INSERT PICTURE]

There are in total 4 buttons and 2 Braille cells that could be found at the top of the Braillearn. From right to left, the first rubber round button is the on/off button. Between the first and next two buttons, there could be found two Braille cells. The left Braille cell is a reference cell. At this cell, commands can be found which you should reproduce by using the right Braille cell. Then at the right side of the Braille cells, two arrow shaped buttons could be found. These buttons can be used to change input modes. The final button at the most left is the reset button.

Let’s start

At this section, the first main steps will be explained before you can start using the Braillearn.

Turning on/off

You can turn on the Braillearn by pressing the most left button at the top of the device. This is the on/off button. By pressing it, a sound will be heard. This means that the Braillearn device is on. If you do not hear any sound, then the device is still off or requires charging. Please check the charging section for more information.


In order to charge the device, put the Braillearn device first on a stable surface near to a power outlet. Use the cable that is included in the package and plug it at the right side of the device. Put the other end of the cable in the power outlet. The device is charging now. After 15 minutes, press the on/off buton again. A sound will be produced which means the device is on.

Changing the modus

In order to change the modus of the exercise, press the arrow shaped buttons. These buttons can be found at the right side of the Braille cells. Once these buttons are pressed, the device will pronounce the new modus that is activated.

Typing text (Braille cells)

In this section, an explanation will be provided of how to use the Braillearn in order to type letters. The Braille cells on the device are based on a six-point Dutch standard as stated by the Braille Authority. Therefore most known letters and signs can be reproduced by using these Braille cells.