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[[Planning PRE2017 4 Groep7]]
[[Planning PRE2017 4 Groep7]]
== Introduction ==
== Introduction ==

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0LAUK0 - Group 7

Group Members

- Bas Voermans | 0967153

- Julian Smits | 0995642

- Tijn Centen | 1006867

- Bart van Schooten | 0999971

- Jodi Grooteman | 1006743

- Emre Aydogan | 0902742


The planning can be found here:

Planning PRE2017 4 Groep7


Problem Statement

A Personal assistant (PA) works closely with a person to provide administrative support, this support is usually delivered on a one-to-one basis. A PA helps a person to make the best use of their time because they limit the time spent on secretarial and administrative tasks. unfortunately having the luxury of a personal assistant is reserved for the rich and successful only, this is because of the one-to-one nature and the extensive knowledge usually required to perform PA tasks successfully. Less fortunate people have to take on these tasks themselves costing them time which could be spent on their core business, which can lead to stress and discomfort. The goal of this study is to map current novelties in this field, find new areas of improvement from them and (hopefully) making a prototype, incorporating these improvements, such that is able to handle almost all the tasks of a PA. Also this prototype would improve itself by learning what each specific user expects from a PA.


Who are the users?

Virtually everybody who would benefit from being relieved of their secretarial and administrative tasks. Of course this is heavily dependent on the accessibility of the service. In this study the focus will lie on students and employees of TU/e.

Requirements of the users

  • Software that could run on their pre-owned devices and that could communicate efficiently with existing TU/e infrastructure.
  • Managing of their agenda(e.g. notifications of upcoming deadlines, lectures, exams)
  • Dealing with incoming messages (e-mail, whatsapp, canvas notifications, ect.) and when desired corresponding in behalf of the student.


To have a more insight in what we want to accomplish we start our project with making a State-of-the-art. By doing this we acquire the knowledge to do a good study on what we want to accomplish. When this is clear we will start making a prototype. And thus implement the results that we got from our research. When this prototype is working we will reflect on the goal of the project, hereby also comes improvement to the prototype.