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A semi-professional guitar player has suffered from a stroke called Joop. This caused the right part of is body to be numb for a large part. He cannot play the guitar anymore.


The focus of this project is to make a start in the direction of making it possible for Joop to play the guitar again. This includes finding out what are the possible ways to create an interface for him, with which he could play again. These interfaces need to be natural for him and should fit within his style of playing. In the end, there should be a good idea which parts of his body could be used to remap any functionality of the guitar to, that cannot be done now.


The process that is used for this project is mostly iterative. The first step is a literature review. For all possible ways for Joop to play the guitar, there need to be little tests. This contributes to a concept or more concepts for an interface.

He can still pressure his fingers and move his shoulders.