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Group members

Bogdans Afonins, 0969985

Andrei Pintilie, 0980402

Stijn Slot, 0964882

Andrei Agaronian, 1017525

Veselin Manev, 0939171

Project definition




User requirements




In order to complete the project within deadlines, we plan to start reading and summarizing the papers in the first week, being followed by establishing the USE aspect plus the impact of the technology on the animals. In the fifth week already, we plan to start working on the prototype which will be a simulation in Java that will show a location(has to be determined) and few types of animals(chosen according to the sick behavior study). Then, by allowing the user to select an animal, that animal becomes sick, the simulation detects that and finally reports it to the user. During last weeks we also have to specify why is it robotics and what advantages or disadvantages are present.


Planning v1.png


Milestones are shown in the planning picture. In the first week, we already plan to have summarized the papers and use them to identify patterns in sick animals behavior and what technologies can be used to detect these changes. In the 3rd week, the milestone is to deliver a full analysis of the USE aspects. During the following two weeks, we expect the simulation to work. The last milestone is to prepare all deliverables for handing in.



Coaching Questions

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