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  • Work out how the cylinder and wall systems work, they're shown now, not worked out
  • Work out the locking mechanism
  • State of the art moet nog! (verwijzing naar die bronnen enzo)
  • Product pitch

Nodig voor bouwen

  • superlijm
  • visdraad(Michael)
  • steeksleutel 7
  • ijzerzaag
  • Striptang(Michael)


A setup for a survey has been made. We decided not to hold it right now, since we don't have time to wait until the results come in, because we need to start building the prototype soon. Because of this we decided to hold the survey after building the prototype, when we have pictures and more questions.

Sites to buy products

All on stock and easy to obtain from tiny tronics
continous Servo
Male-Female wires
Arduino Uno
RFID reader and key tag
Power amplifier Laser cut Tu/e
3D printer Tu/e

How to build RFID mechanism

Tutorial 1
Tutorial 2

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