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Coaching Questions Group 11

Problem statement and objectives

Problem statement:


  • Shorter delivery times
  • Find a way for robots to drop products in a safe but non-invasive way
  • When to use what type of drones (drone/car)
  • How to increase reliability
  • Package handling
  • Determine social impact
  • Stakeholders

Who are the users

Companies (delivery services), individuals, hospitals (organ donors),

What do the users require

Fast and reliable service, cheap, privacy of products, noninvasive service

Approach, milestones and deliverables


First we will study the literature to figure out to what extent our case is already researched. After that we will attempt to determine the present day problems with the technology. We will try to tackle all objectives, and in the end we will make a model to test our study.


  • Literature study
    • Sources read
    • Sources summarized
    • Conclusions drawn (what are the pro’s and con’s , what will it cost, what should the infrastructure look like, what are the capabilities of different types of robots)
  • Establish rules the model should follow
    • What should the capabilities of drones/cars be


  • Write a report
    • User analysis
    • Financial evaluation
  • Create a model (eclipse)

Who's doing what

All together:

  • Write introduction

Everyone for themselves:

  • Search for sources (10-2)
  • Summarize sources (19-2)

Sources and summaries

Auto-Selection Of Package Delivery Location Based On Estimated Time Of Delivery

Toksoz, Tuna; Gulkaya, Tutku; and Price, Thomas, "Auto-Selection Of Package Delivery Location Based On Estimated Time Of Delivery", Technical Disclosure Commons, (December 22, 2016)