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=Group members=
=Group members=

Buster Franken      0
Buster Franken      0912005 b.franken@student.tue.nl

Dayo Oladapo        0
Dayo Oladapo        0

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The FoodFetcher


Group members

Buster Franken 0912005 b.franken@student.tue.nl

Dayo Oladapo 0

Jari van Steen 0914013 j.j.v.steen@student.nl

Jesper van de Grift 0961129 j.v.d.grift@student.tue.nl

Joost Pieterse 0

Michael Verhage 0848768 m.verhage@student.tue.nl

State of the Art


Primary Users

Secondary Users


Tertiary Users