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Autonomous Bus Scheduling System


This project is intended to deliver a design report of autonomous bus scheduling system. The system is aimed to create an efficient passenger flow. It will be able to send extra busses to bus stops that are or are getting too crowded and also the system will choose a shorter route to it’s destination when no passengers are waiting at the coming bus stops. Users can check in at the bus stop or with their mobile phone apps. The scheduling system will then optimize the routes by taking this information into account.

Background Study

to be done...


-Make a design of autonomous bus scheduling system.

 -Routing of the bus
 -Low traveling and waiting times
 -Network between busses

-Make a simulation of the system to optimize "passenger happiness"

 -Less wait time
 -Less traveling time
 -Less crowdedness
 -More facts from survey feedback


Design Report


-Environment Setup

-Test Cases


-First Presentation

-Second Presentation

-Final Presentation

Working Log

-Week 1

-Week 2

-Week 3

-Week 4

-Week 5

-Week 6

-Week 7


0856925 Kasper Bakker

0772418 Frank van Heeswijk

0853336 Yuanlong Li

0856593 Eric Steenhof

0844791 Joey Verest

0859523 Eric Wolters