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Working Log
Working Log

-[[Week 1]]
-[[Week 1(Group 1 2015)]]

-Week 2
-Week 2

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Autonomous vehicle company start-up



Business Plan

-Cover page and table of contents

-Executive summary

-Mission statement

-Business description

-Business environment analysis

-SWOT analysis

-Industry background

-Competitor analysis

-Market analysis

-Marketing plan

-Operations plan

-Management summary

-Financial plan

-Attachments and milestones




Working Log

-Week 1(Group 1 2015)

-Week 2

-Week 3

-Week 4

-Week 5

-Week 6

-Week 7


Kasper Bakker 0856925

Frank van Heeswijk 0772418

Yuan Long Li 0853336

Eric Steenhof 0856593

Joey Verest 0844791

Eric Wolters 0859523