Notes - Group 4 - 2018/2019, Semester B, Quartile 3

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We present notes that were taken during the meeting with the professors.

Week 2

  • We should focus on a certain context rather than considering the problem in general.
  • Consider when something is allowed and when it is not allowed with respect to drones around airports.
  • Look at a debate Royakkers attended regarding rules and the regulation of drones.
  • Look at the guidelines that should be set in stone on the first of March in the Netherlands.

Week 3

  • For the assignment, we have to have a clear idea of the product we want to deliver, in our case for airports. We have decided to create a decision model for airports to be able to choose a possible solution based on certain characteristics of the airports and dependent on the budget for investment in the technologies.
  • Look at/investigate the information/decisions that need to be used in the decision model. Possible way of doing this is to look at the difference between the airports of the Netherlands and look how this difference could affect the chosen solution.
  • Get requirements of airports to help get a clear vision of the needs of airports for the solution, so contact Dutch airports.
  • Do a cost analysis, on basis of Gatwick airport attack, to check how much airports want to invest on the solutions.
  • For the report, do the following:
    • Research literature on how to create a decision model.
    • A more concise and clear list of existing solutions.
    • Expand the list of advantages and disadvantages of the solutions on basis of demands of airports, such that the solution of use of eagles and geofencing does not seem like the best solution anymore.

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