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  • Drunk and Disorganised: Relationships between Bar Characteristics and Customer Intoxication in European Drinking Environments About the intoxication of people, not necessarily about how much alcohol they drink. Does talk about how lenient bars attrack "drunkards".

  • The effects of alcohol expectancies on drinking behaviour in peer groups: observations in a naturalistic setting More about the expectancies of positive and negative effects of alcohol and their relation to alcohol consumption

  • Genderedness of bar drinking culture and alcohol-related harms: A multi-country study More about agression and if that is more prevalent in predominantly male drinking cultures or predominantly female.p

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  • Drinking Games in the College Environment: A Review

  • Discriminative control of alcoholics' drinking by the drinking situation.

  • Observational study of alcohol consumption in natural settings. The Vancouver beer parlor.

  • The Tempo of Country Music and the Rate of Drinking in Bars

  • Contextual Influences on Young People's Drinking Rates in Public Drinking Places: An Observational Study