Mobile Robot Control 2021 Group 1

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  • Véronne Reinders ( - 1706837
  • Danique van Berlo ( - 1242645
  • Tim van de Ven ( - 0948317
  • Daan Roordink ( - 0863456
  • Yu-Hsin Wu ( - 1623141
  • Mike van Duijnhoven ( - 1510266


Week Deadlines Done before weekly meeting 1 Done before weekly meeting 2
1 (19/04-25/04)
2 (26/04-02/05) Read the wiki page carefully First draft of the design document
3 (03/05-09/05) 04/05 - Design Document Adjust the design document and have all software working Finalize the design document and first draft of strategy for the escape room
4 (10/05-16/05) 12/05 - Escape room competition Finalize the strategy for the escape room Work on two parts of the hospital strategy:
  • Make line segments of the sensor data
  • Match line segments with other line segments
5 (17/05-23/05) Adjust the strategy for the final competition Adjust the strategy for the final competition
6 (24/05-30/05) Adjust the strategy for the final competition Adjust the strategy for the final competition and make a first draft of the presentation
7 (31/05-06/05) 02/06 - Presentation Adjust the strategy for the final competition Adjust the strategy for the final competition
8 (07/06-13/05) 09/06 - Final competition Finalize the strategy for the final competition Debrief the competition for recommendations for future work
9 (14/06-20/05) Adjust the wiki page where needed Finalize the wiki page
10 (21/06-27/05) 23/06 - Wiki page

Design Document

The design document can be found here and contains our interpretation of the requirements, functions, components, specifications and interfaces for both the escape room and hospital challenge.

Escape room competition

Wall Following Approach

Team: Danique, Mike and Yu Hsin


In the escape room competition, PICO will first simply drive forward until PICO finds a wall. When PICO is at a certain distance from the wall, it will start to turn until the wall is on its right side and parallel to its driving direction. Afterward, PICO will follow the wall and the following corners. This will go on until PICO passes the finish.


Use cases

To make sure PICO will perform as expected during the competition, a couple of use cases are made to test its performance. The use cases are several different maps and different configurations within those maps. In these maps the environment specifications, such as crooked corners and walls but also a very small room or very large room, are incorporated as good as possible. The image name, the word thumb then the caption :

Test map 1

World Model Approach

Team: Daan, Tim and Véronne

Hospital competition

Meeting Notes


Get requirements from the Wiki and the slides. Components are in the slides as well.


Include meeting notes on Wiki.

The Wiki will be the final report. So if you update it weekly with the progress and findings it will save us a lot of time in the end.

Final: complete description of the system, role division, etc.

General availability: Tuesday and Thursday

Action Points
  • Find a weekly meeting moment - Tuesday 9.00 (tutor meeting from 10.00) & Friday 13.30
  • Make a general planning: Danique
  • Finish the design document - Everyone - Deadline Monday 22.00


Action Points
  • Finish the design document: Mike, Daan and Tim
  • Review the design document and upload it on the wiki before 16.55: Daan
  • Individually start on the programming and get familiar with the code before Friday: Everyone
  • Select the best working code on Friday and split up the work from there on


From now on meetings will be with an agenda and in between SSAs will be made. To find the specifics of the meeting read the notes on the drive.

Action Points
  • Work on the dumb approach: Mike, Danique, Yu Hsin
  • Work on the word model (approach): Daan, Tim, Veronne
  • Upload a SSA template: Tim
  • Make a git ignore: Daan