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'PICO in the Hospital'



This course is about software design and how to apply this in the context of autonomous robots. The accompanying assignment is about applying this knowledge to a real-life robotics task.

Course Schedule and Lecture Slides

[This schedule may be changed during the following weeks!] Online sessions such as live lectures will typically take place on the wednesdays between 15:30-17:15. Except for the week of may the 5th as it is liberation day; the Q&A session of lecture 2 will thus take place on the 7th of may between 10:45-12:30. The course schedule is as follows:

April 21 Introduction by René van de Molengraft, Tech United , VanderLande and Lely Tooling, Infrastructure and Assignment by Bob Hendrikx
April 28 Q&A session about Tutorial lectures 1. Tutorial lectures 1 can be found online when the course starts.
May 7 Q&A session about Tutorial lectures 2. Tutorial lectures 2 can be found online when the course starts.
May 12 Escape Room Competition
May 19 No Lecture
May 26 Coordination: mechanisms and architectural patterns by Herman Bruyninckx
June 2 Presentation of final design by the groups.
June 9 Final Competition
June 16 No Lecture
June 23 Deadline: Wiki Pages

Getting Started

To get started, please do the tutorials on the Tutorial Page.

Group Wiki Pages

Group 1 - visit wiki - Tutor:

Group 2 - visit wiki - Tutor:

Group 3 - visit wiki - Tutor:

Group 4 - visit wiki - Tutor:

Group 5 - visit wiki - Tutor:

Group 6 - visit wiki - Tutor:

Group 7 - visit wiki - Tutor:

Group 8 - visit wiki - Tutor:

Contact Details


Bob Hendrikx - r dot w dot m dot hendrikx at tue dot nl

Hao Liang Chen - h dot l dot chen at tue dot nl

Jordy Senden - j dot p dot f dot senden at tue dot nl

Peter Dooren - p dot v dot dooren at tue dot nl

Manuel Muñoz Sánchez - m dot munoz dot sanchez at tue dot nl

César López - C dot A dot Lopez dot Martinez at tue dot nl