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|Worked on the wiki
|Worked on the wiki
|5 hours
|5 hours

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Date: Student(s): Task: Hours spend:
30-11-2015 Jesse, Alex, Simon and Guus Making a specific planning for the rest of the case and tried to find Harry van de Loo in order to ask about the availability of the mindstorm robots. 2 hours each (=8 hours total)
30-11-2015 Simon Working on the first simulation (top level) 3 hours
31-11-2015 Chris Working on simulation 3 hours
03-12-2015 Chris Working on simulation and literature research 4 hours
04-12-2015 Jesse, Alex, Guus Aquiring of the robot parts and the assembly of the robot swarm 5 hours each (=15 hours total)
05-12-2015 Simon Analysing the texts from [Liu B Chen P Wang G], [Qi G Song P Li K] and [Nicolis S Detrain C Demolin D Deneubourg J] to compose a swarm algorithm for the top level simulation. Also work on the simulation itself. 3 hours
06-12-2015 Jesse Finding out how the RCX 2.0 bricks can be programmed and write a first script to run on for the Lego Mindstorms Robots 4 hours
06-12-2015 Simon Working on the top level simulation 8 hours
06-12-2015 Alex Researching and describing the communication possibilities of the robots 5 hours
06-12-2015 Guus Worked on robot plus sofware involving the robots, only to find out that the robot i took home was defect. Also wrote the page about Windows emulator. 5 hours
09-12-2015 Jesse, Alex Meeting with Mrs. Barakova and acquiring of the new NXT models. 1 hour each (= 2 hours total)
10-12-2015 Jesse, Guus, Chris, Alex Building the new robots 4 hours each (= 16 hours total)
12-12-2015 Guus Setting up software and assisted on writing the code for search algorithm for the pathing. 5 hours
21-12-2015 Simon Working on the simulation and the path updating 5 hours
22-12-2015 Guus Programming the new robots, using the useful forum links for programming 5 hours
29-12-2015 Guus, Alex Programming the new robots, using the useful forum links for programming 4 hours each (= 8 hours in total)
13-01-2016 Guus Worked on the wiki 4 hours
16-01-2016 Guus Worked on the wiki 5 hours
17-01-2016 Guus Worked on the wiki 5 hours