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Week 1

Date Time Spent Task Description
01-Sep 2 1st Class Brainstorm Project Ideas
02-Sep 2 Wiki & Research Explored how Wiki works and looked up what Amazon Prime air is
04-Sep 2 Group Meeting Discussed our topic and research tasks & presentation were divided
05-Sep 1 Wiki Explore Found wiki text and code help pages to write wiki better
06-Sep 1 Wiki Work Made a main page and a problem page for our Amazon Air analysis
06-Sep 1 Research Wrote up the objectives & approach for our project & looked up more on Amazon prime air
08-Sep 2 Lecture Listened to group presentations of their projects & approaches
08-Sep 2 Personal Mind Map & Research Took into consideration feedback made about presentation & started looking for better sources

Total hours:13 hours

Week 2

Date Time Spent Task Description
09-Sep 2 Research & Conclusions Came to the conclusion that Drone Delivery feasibility would not be an ideal research topic
11-Sep 2 Wiki Work Posted my thoughts online & made a meeting page & agenda for the meeting
11-Sep 4 Group Meeting Discussed our topic/whether or not we needed a new one & divided task
12-Sep 1 Posted Notulen Posted notes from the last meeting online
12-Sep 4 Research Regulations Planned questions I wanted to search & sought for drone regulations & mailbox requirements
13-Sep 2 Make Presentation After receiving planning from Luc & made a rough presentation for Monday
14-Sep 4 Research Regulations Sought through FFA regulations, read Amazon petition & USPS regulations then made summary of all that I thought was relevant to the project that could help us design
15-Sep 1 Edit Presentation Made minor tweaks to the presentation & uploaded it to the wiki
15-Sep 2 Lecture I presented our presentation and noted feedback received

Total hours: 22

Week 3

Date Time Spent Task Description
16-Sep 0.5 Posted feedback Posted planning feedback from Monday
17-Sep 2 Functional Requirements Looked up what functional requirements were & then wrote some that would be suitable for the mailbox
18-Sep 1.5 Wiki Work Added a log book page & updated my personal log, also uploaded agenda for meeting later today.
18-Sep 4 Group Meeting Brainstormed various components & full ideas of mailboxes; also made an action plan for Monday
18-Sep 1 Notulen & Wiki Work Posted the notes from meeting & added wiki pages to Brainstorm & Design Methodology for group members
19-Sep 2 Personal Mailboxes Added analysis of Operational Environment, basic concepts & researched means to analyze design concepts
20-Sep 2 Personal Mailboxes Elaborated on Concept 1 - The Perch including scenario of how it works & detailed sketch of mailbox & components
20-Sep 1 Personal Mailboxes Elaborated on Concepts 2 - 4 - Scenario & Components - Still needs sketches
20-Sep 1 Personal Mailboxes Elaborated on Concepts 5&6 - Scenario & Components - Still needs sketches
20-Sep 0.5 Wiki Work Uploaded the agenda for Monday's group meeting and placed the weekly update for Week 3.

To Do Tasks: Scenario & Detailed sketches of concepts SWOT Analysis across the various concepts
Total hours:

Week 4

Total hours:

Week 5

Total hours:

Week 6

Total hours:

Week 7

Total hours: