Integration Project Systems and Control 2013 Group 1

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Group Members

Name: Student id: Email:
Abhishek Bareja 0825433
Ioannis Kokkinakis 0832282
Evangelos Stamatopoulous 0827743
Donatella De Cesare 0821444


Feb 18 - Feb 24
Literature Study regarding the following aspects:
- matlab files provided
- inputs/output variables regarding the given model
- different types of controller
- design Criteria
Lab activity:
- meeting the robot
- how the robot moves
Feb 25 - Mar 3
Literature study regarding the following aspects:
- non-linearities
- friction model
- coupled phenomena
- design a PID feedback controller(preparation for the lab)
- system identification procedures
- FRF measurement(preparation for the lab)
Lab activity:
- design the stabilizing(PID) controller
- get the FRF measurements
Mar 4 - Mar 10
Literature study regarding the following aspects:
- feedforward Controller
- design criteria (bandwidth, margins, sensitivity, steady state error, time response)
- work with shapeit to design optimal controllers for each axis (prepare the controllers to test them during the lab)
- reference trajectory(preparation for the lab)
Lab activity:
- get the FRF measurements for the left robot
- test the controllers that we construct on shapeit
- get the reference trajectory


Week 1

Week 2