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Week 1

Date Time Spent Task Description
01-Sep 2 1st Class Brainstorm Project Ideas
02-Sep 2 Research looked up what Amazon Prime air is trying to find more about prime air.
04-Sep 2 Group Meeting Discussed our topic and research tasks & presentation were divided
08-Sep 2 Lecture Listened to group presentations of their projects & approaches

Total hours: 8 hours

week 2

Date Time Spent Task Description
8-11-Sep 2 searching for sources working on the mindmap figuring out wiki searching for sources about regulations of flying with drones (in specific the ones amazon is using)
11-Sep 4 Group meeting defining topic further due to the lack of information we could find. looking at mindmap, discussing what to do.

Total hours: 6 hours

week 3

Date Time Spent Task Description
15-Sep 2 Class (presentations) listening to presentations
15-Sep 3 background research existing mailboxes looked up what kind of (package) mailboxes are available today.
17-Sep 2 preparing Group Meeting + process requirements making design requirements matrix.
18-Sep 3 group meeting brain storm ideas, looking at requirements. dividing tasks
20-sep 3 wiki editing, processing brainstorm working on wiki, package delivery, processing brainstorm ideas

Total hours: 13 hours

week 4

Total hours: hours

week 5

Total hours: hours

week 6

Total hours: hours

week 7

Total hours: hours