Embedded Motion Control 2017 Group 5 Meetings Overview

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Members Group 5

Name Student ID Email
Torben Beernaert 0778690 t.f.beernaert@student.tue.nl
Rodrigo Estrella Treviño 1035228 r.estrella.trevino@student.tue.nl
Kagan Incetan 1037760 k.incetan@student.tue.nl
Sjoerd Knippenberg 0738104 s.c.m.knippenberg@student.tue.nl
Angel Molina Acosta 1036456 a.molina.acosta@student.tue.nl
Bart Vercoulen 0747283 b.c.g.vercoulen@student.tue.nl
Wouter Houtman - w.houtman@tue.nl


Initial Design

The Initial Design document can be found here: Initial_Design_Group5.

Meetings overview

Brief summaries on the contents of team meetings are available here: [1]