Embedded Motion Control 2014 Group 1/Meeting 20140502

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Meeting 1

date: 02-05-2014 (9.00-10.00)

Start with a simple program:
use only the laser date to orientate trough the corridor

Steps to do for corridor competition:

1. interpret the laser data (input, conversion to usefull output)

2. positioning in the middle of the corridor

3. driving straight forward

4. detect the exit or junction

5. turning towards exit

6. stop after exiting the corridor


Marc + Sander: step 1: find out how the laser sensor works and how it can be applied in ROS (Monday)
Wouter + Richard + Joep: step 2, how to determine its position in de middle of the corridor. (Monday)

Next meeting:

07-05-2014 Location: OGO 7
16.00 - 16.30: Discuss progress
16.30 - 17.00: Meeting with tutor