Embedded Motion Control 2012 Group 11

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Group Info

Group Members Email Student nr.
Dhiraj Padmaraj Bhandary d.p.bhandary@student.tue.nl 0785808
Christiaan Gootzen c.f.t.m.gootzen@student.tue.nl 0655133
Sathish Krishna Ramachandran s.k.ramachandran@student.tue.nl 0787784
Sanath Kumar Venkatesan s.k.venkatesan@student.tue.nl 0757307
Sander van Zundert a.w.v.zundert@student.tue.nl 0650545

Tutor Sjoerd van den Dries - s.v.d.dries@tue.nl

Week 1 and 2: -> Installed required software, -> Fixed software issues, 2 members had to reinstall ubuntu 3 times plus some wireless network issues had to be fixed.

Week 3: -> Finished all tutorials -> Working on processing of a 2d map in Jazz simulator and Rviz to make the robot navigate autonomously. We are trying to measure distance in front of the robot in order to take decisions.

Week 4: -> The robot can now autonomously move through a given maze only using the LaserScan data. -> Given a corridor with exits, the robot is able to take the first exit.

Tasks for Week 5: -> Improve algorithm implementation to correct existing flaws -> Develop an algorithm for arrow detection using Camera in rViz. -> Work on methods to implement odometry data in the system. FLOW 1.jpg