Embedded Motion Control/Earth Station

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The following is tested on Windows XP and Matlab R2007a (Martijn Maassen).
The CD can be obtained here.
Usage for tutors only! Everything is already installed for the Embedded Motion Control course.

Installation earth computer

  1. Open autorun.exe from cd and install the following
    1. Install Grand WalkGuard Ver. 1.9.
    2. Install Grand Remote Camera Ver. 1.9.
    3. USB Driver Installation.
  2. Connect camera to computer.
  3. Open Start Menu->Programs->GrandTec->Grand WalkGuard->WalkGuard.
  4. Adjust the settings according to here.
  5. Close WalkGuard program.
  6. Connect Lego IR tower USB, do not let Windows automatically install driver but use drivers from the IR_Tower_USB folder on the CD.
  7. Copy the matlab vision files; copy the folder EMC from the CD to the D-drive on the computer (D:\EMC). Stick to this location because com_host.c includes D:EMC_Communication_Host\rcxdll.
  8. Run D:\EMC\Vision\Vision Driver\WINXP2k\DPInst.exe and install the driver.
  9. Open Matlab, go to D:\EMC\Vision and run mex_all_files.m (mex files will be created).
  10. Open the Simulink file vision_and_communication_with_viewers.mdl and run it. If an error occurs during opening of the Simulink file, try to remove the camera (USB) before starting the Simulink file. Plug in the camera and then try to run the Simulink file again.