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In this section, the conclusions from different aspects are drawn and listed.

Generic architecture

In this project, a generic architecture is designed based on the given project objects. The generic

architecture is not effected by what hardware to be chosen. How system works is described layer by

layer with the gradient of detail level. The implementation of project is also visible for designer.

Implemented in Simulink

To prove the concept of the generic architecture, a prototype is built and integrated in Simulink. Every

hardware components are connected and communicate with each other via the integration file in


Drone can follow ball

Some skills are achieved via built prototype. The drone can follow the ball automatically by using the ball

information from world model. Even when the ball is out of the field of view, the drone can still estimate

the ball position with particle filter.


S-function based implementation

Convert all coders into S – functions. As different components use different programming languages to

communicate with controller, integrating all of them into Simulink increases the computing time and

causes errors of compatibility. Hence, all coders are recommended to convert into S-Function if the

integration is implemented in Simulink environment.

Robust hardware

The hardware used in prototype showed unreliable behavior which consumed a lot of time and slowed

down the project progress. Hence, more robust hardware are required. Some recommendations

respected to every hardware component are discussed and listed.

  • Drone position system

The drone position information is measured via the camera on the top of field. The camera

captures the image of the field from top and the laptop will do image processing to estimate the

coordinates of drone. However, the position information provided by image processing is not

reliable all the time. Around 25% of the data shows empty. Also, the brightness of the room can

influence the correctness of camera and even make it stop working. Therefore, an Ultra Width

Band System (UWBS) is recommended to replace the camera.

  • Parrot AR Drone

The parrot AR Drone used in this project behaved unreliable, especially when the battery is low.

A more powerful drone with Intel NUC is recommended to replace the AR drone.

  • TechUnited Turtle as line referee

The communication system of TechUnited Turtle works in Ubuntu operation system instead of

windows, which makes the integration process complicated and inconvenient. Obviously, Turtle

being line referee is not a wise choice. So, using a Omni-bot with a Kinect as line referee is